Join in with #wearexperimenting from home throughout September. Whether you’re from Sunderland, used to work here, or used to live here. We want you to add your voice to our experiments.

Created by a workshop participant in the Parkers Trust community sessions.

By using social media we are enabling people who don’t usually go to workshops to get involved as well. 

How does it work?

Use #wearexperimenting to submit your photographs to our experiments, or photographic challenges. You can submit by posting on your own Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. This means that you keep control of your own image. You have the power to withdraw your photograph at any time via your own social media and it will simply disappear from the Feed.

If we all post using #wearexperimenting then we will be able to create a continually growing and completely interactive online exhibition. It’s in your hands! Keep it clean!

Smartphone and DSLR Experiments

These experiments will be coming soon! Check on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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