Using cameras we will build together to capture
the path of the sun.

One of the community based experiments for #wearexperimenting involves building very simple pinhole cameras out of recycled pop cans. The cameras are loaded with photographic paper, and left to take an exposure of the sun travelling across the sky. Some of the exposures might be 3 or 4 weeks!

We are holding workshops across Sunderland that you can come along to, for free! We want you learn learn something amazing about photography by helping us to create these fantastic photographic images.

Find out where and when.

To join in our community sessions

In the workshops you’ll build cameras, create a rayogram, and create some cyanotype prints with artist Jo Howell to create a beautiful archive for Sunderland. Use the hashtag on social media #wearexperimenting to share your photographs of the workshops. Every time you use our hashtag you will appear in the Live Feed. See who else is taking part and invite everyone you know in Sunderland to have a go!

Does that all sound a bit technical?

Don’t worry! It’s so easy, anyone and everyone can do it! And, they should!

Jo Howell

Create cyanotypes of local plants!

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